10 Things That Are Comforting

  1. Rain. Love it or hate it, rain is a necessity for life on earth, as part of the water cycle. I happen to love it, especially when I’m inside and near a window. When that rhythmic faint pitter-patter dances off the wet ground, it tends to be backdrop to pondering.
rain rainfall grey sky overcast wet rainy clumber park national trust UK comforting
Rainfall can be very soothing (pictured here at Clumber Park, UK)
  1. 2.  Your favourite song on the radio. It’s so satisfying knowing that the song you love so much is being blasted out to a new set of listeners; maybe it’ll be their favourite too? Anyhow, the song always seems different when being played in public than in the privacy of your car or home- does anyone else think so too?

3. Speaking of which; hearing childhood songs. Nothing can take you back to those hazy days as quickly as listening to a song that was a huge part of growing up; cue a photo album playing in your head to the tune of *that* song (ours was Norah Jones and Mariah Carey, FYI).

4. Cat Purring. Cats are strange creatures, let’s be honest. I can certainly see why the Egyptians used to worship them; that haughty, imperious feline transforms into a goofy fuzzball at the touch of a well-placed finger. (There’s scientific reasons why cats purr, by the way) When a cat is purring, you just know that everything is right with the world.

5. Dogs. I’m not being specific here but literally everything about dogs is something to celebrate: wagging tails, snuffly noses, warm fur, little woofs, their joy at absolutely everything. Whether you receive your doggy from a reputable breeder or a charity like Dog’s Trust, 10/10 recommend saving your soul by getting a dog. Dogs were created to remind humans of their souls- I’m sure of it.

Dog Eyes GSD German Shepherd Woods Dogs Comforting Friends Soul Mans's Best Friend
Dogs really are Man’s Best Friend

6. A good book. If you’re not a reader, first of all, I pity you, second; you can substitute this with an old rom-com complete with blankets. Books are an ancient form of communication but they’re still as vital to us today. They’re available in virtually any format and can be re-read as a comforting ‘snack’ – There’s plenty of good on-line stores like The Book Depository and Waterstones so fill up your bookshop today!

7. Photographs. If you’re the one in your group that takes all the photographs, you’ll feel satisfaction reading this. It’s such a good feeling to pool around a pile of photographs or laptop and pour through memories- and being sure to include a really bad photo of your brother, for comedy’s sake!

8. Home Cooking. Yes, it’s time consuming but ‘better than shop-bought‘ really is true! Remember your mother’s classic Orange Drizzle Cake? Or your grandma’s Spaghetti Bolognese that only she can get to taste like that? Exactly.

home baking cooking dessert food comforting cheesecake
Home Baking is very satisfying (and tasty!)

9. Pyjamas. I think Duvet Day is the most relaxing set of words in the English Dictionary. What else sums up peace, blankets and cuddles straight away? It may not be acceptable to wear your pyjamas outside (something I will never get over) but they bring immense joy to the wearer when pulled on after a long day. We all know that pun-based pyjamas will never dye out.

10. Reunions. This probably wouldn’t be your first thought (or tenth, in this case!) but meeting up with family members and friends that may as well be family is a very grounding, joyful thing. According to Psychology Today, many people are having an identity crisis and also struggle with Metaperceptions  so being with people who not only know you well but truly love you can be very soothing- and you can probably tick off the things on this list with them at the same time!)

Anything that you think I missed off? Add your own comforting go-to in the comments below!


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